When Quality Counts

Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: 7 AM - 9 PM via Appointment

About Us

Quality starts at the top, and our experienced home inspector Paul Doel ensures quality service for each client. As you learn about HIS, you see that we educate each potential buyer about the entire inspection process, and deliver extremely valuable information about the condition of the property. Our lead inspector understands real estate is always a large investment and is always sure to provide the clear and detailed information you need to make a sound decision.

Our Home Inspection Checklist

We look at the property with an objective eye and consider each element that may need to be repaired or updated to maximize the value of your investment. Call on us to learn more about our checklist, which covers:

  • Roof (including flashing and trim)
  • Gutters/Downspouts
  • Attic/Crawlspaces
  • Foundation
  • Structural Inspection
  • All Windows and Doors
  • Furnace/Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing
  • Water Main/Shut-off Valves
  • Eaves/Soffits/Fascia
  • Fireplace/Dampers/Hearths
  • Chimney
  • Plumbing Fixtures/Faucets
  • Electrical anels


  • Interior Walls/Floors/Ceilings
  • Insulation (where accessible)
  • Garage
  • Driveway/Walkways/Decks/Patios
  • Kitchen (including built-in appliances)
  • Baths
  • Landscaping (including water drainage)
  • Optional Services Include: Water/Radon            Testing